Welcome to "The X-Factor" Confessions. This is a blog where you can submit any opinion you may have on anything related to The X-Factor shows around the world; whether it be about the show itself, the judges, the contestants, previous contestants, X-Factor stars... Anything at all! You can either confess your secret in the ask box, ask box, or you may also make your own graphic and submit it here, which we will then feature on the site. Every confession we receive will be posted anonymously, whether you confessed anonymously or not, so there's no need to be shy. Nobody will find out that the secret is yours! Who knows, maybe people even share your opinion? So don't forget to read through other people's confessions and maybe contribute your own! IMPORTANT NOTE: None of these are our personal opinions. It's time to face the music - please respect other people's ideas and their confessions. Thank you and enjoy!
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